Many of you will remember the arrival of Ulysses a few months ago. We immediately fell in love with him, with his look and his calm character. During these months, Ulises has been with us while we looked for a family for him, and during that time and some weeks ago, he suffered an altercation with other dogs. One of his paws has been affected, and as a result he has lost one of his little fingers.
This is the reality of life in a shelter …
And here we are a family and they are one more. And here each of the workers leaves their skin for them. And here we have love to spare for the more than 600 animals that we have.
But still, this is life in a shelter …
Because despite our love, care and attention, accidents do happen.
Because it is still a stressful environment for them.
Because the cages are full of sad and terrified dogs.
Because this is no life for a dog …
Consider adoption.
Adopt, don’t buy.
Help us keep saving lives.

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