Lucky to have you

Sometimes we are not aware of how lucky we are…
Langnasenhilfe FBM is a group that was created 4 years ago with the sole intention of helping our animals, and they have been supporting our cause day after day for 4 years. About 3 weeks ago we contacted them desperate for the situation we had when we could not protect our dogs. We needed approximately 1000 pipettes for all the dogs that have been entering in the last few months and those that are still arriving after the hunting season. The budget was huge …
Our great friend Marina Scheinhart, at the head of the group, didn’t think twice. She trusted it, and she bet 100% that her group would make it. In less than a week, she had managed to raise all the money necessary to get the pipettes for our dogs !!! Isn’t this amazing? !! If we could hug each and every one of you who have collaborated for it, do not doubt that we would! ❤
For you Marina, the biggest hug of all and all our admiration for the tireless work you do every day for our dogs (Whatever happens, never doubt it! 😉)

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