Manuel Pablo Update

Manuel Pablo Update
It’s been a few weeks since we told you the story of Manuel Pablo. He was rescued after wandering the streets with a huge and horrible wound on his thigh, and a dislocated hip. Do you remember those photos of the wound? Well, now look how well it has evolved! Is incredible!!! In his first cures, the vets had some doubts, since the wound was so big that they could barely close it, but we have the best medical team, and once again they have achieved the impossible! 💪 This is essential for it to be operated, since he need to have his wound completely recovered to be able to enter the operating room. In about two weeks, he will have a review again, and then it will be assessed if it is ready for it, but seeing its fantastic evolution, we are sure that it is!
Would you like to help us with the expenses of his surgery, cures and rehabilitation?

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