There are many of you who have worried about her, so let’s tell you a bit:
She has been on antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatment since the day she arrived. The wound is even more serious than it looks, since it connects from the front of her face to her oral cavity.
She also has a problem with her jaw that prevents her from opening her mouth wide and we are doing tests to determine what it is.
Last Monday our veterinarians tried to close the “hole” that connected from the outside to the oral cavity, and everything went well, however, the external area has lost so much skin that it is impossible to close the wound more … They managed to give some stitches suture on the outer edges, but the truth is that it is a complicated wound …
She who arrived somewhat scared, begins to be curious and affectionate with us. We are pampering her like she is the most, and she receives pampering sessions and many treats every day!
How incredible that after what she has suffered, she trusts humans again …
How much do we have to learn from them !!!
Marisela needs us. Help us to recover her Help us to continue saving lives,

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