Melocotoncito update

Our little one is feeling great ☺️ The first days after the surgery he still had the tendency to stand up and stay on his hind legs, but little by little, he has realised that he can now use his front legs again and little by little, with care and always under supervision, we let him go for short walks so that he can get used to walking normally again. The rest of the time, he still has to remain locked up and resting, but with so many visits and cuddles, he doesn’t have time to get bored and we have him like a real king! He has conquered us all, 😍❤️🍑 What can we do?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Matilda Update

We are worried about our little one… She has been very apathetic after her surgery, and it seems that she has no sensitivity in the

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