Melocoton’s first “steps”

Many of you already know our sweet Melocoton. He arrived at the foundation 4 months ago with a fracture in his spine. He was quickly operated , but the magnitude of her fracture made us think that Melocoton would never walk again … Melocoton is now in rehab and has incredible vitality. Seeing the desire he has to live, and to run, we could not leave him bedridden any longer … We have ordered a cart that is perfect for him, but in the meantime we have provisionally begun to use another cart that they have donated to us, and You don’t know how happy Melocoton is !! He has run around the entire foundation, in the courtyards and has even wanted to play ball! We have lived these moments with great happiness, we could not stop smiling and it is no wonder … Peach is finally beginning to enjoy and live! ☺️
Would you like to help us with his rehabilitation?

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