Minerva Update

A few days ago we told you that we had a new urgent case, but we hadn’t told you anything about her yet…

Minerva is a granny who was found in a state of complete abandonment. Weak, sick, with knots and tangles all over her body? So many, that it was impossible to give her a check-up without cutting her hair first.

Luckily, nothing is broken, but since she arrived she is still weak, without appetite, and apathetic, so we suspect that she has some hormonal disease and we are waiting for the results of her last tests to determine a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment for her.

She is extremely sweet and very good.

And it is clear to us that we are not going to allow her to stay here any longer than is strictly necessary. We are going to try to heal her, and whatever it takes, we are also going to make sure she is in a home soon.

Help us to get Minerva back🙏

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