She was found in a tunnel, on the tracks of a train.
We do not know what happened to her, and if the injury and the fracture of her hip had to do with the train that passes by. The only thing we know is that if so, it was a miracle. As well as the fact that they will find her in such a remote place …
Our foundation is overflowing, the cages are crowded, the hospital overflowing with patients, but look at her face and tell us if you could have denied her help … It was impossible.
We open the doors for her, we attend to her quickly, we are giving her love and pampering, and she is already waiting to be intervened.
That she survived was a miracle
That they found her was a miracle
That we can help you in such a critical situation is also a miracle.
That is why we have called her Miracle.
Welcome home little ❤
Help us to continue saving lives,

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