Models for a day

A few months ago, back in the days without coronavirus, the dog photographer Eco Lorka wrote to us to collaborate with us. From that meeting, a very nice project came out, which due to Covid-19, could not be carried out … But we both wanted to do something together for them. For all the dogs we have and especially for those who have been with us for months and have had no luck so far. In a few minutes we turned our classroom into a photographic studio, and one by one we brought in the models, who in themselves are not handsome, under the spotlight and Lorca’s camera, they are still much more!
To all lovers of photography and animals, we recommend that you follow their work on and fascinate!
Thank you for show the best face of our beautiful dogs and for your solidarity heart! ❤
The models, in order of appearance are: Black, Atila, Geisha, Faraona, Atuel, Azul, Dino, Gretchen, Regaliz and Mojito

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