More than happy!

More than happy!
There are no happier moments than these for us. The moment when a family comes to pick up our little one to adopt him and start a new life. But, it is even more special if possible, when one of our most special and dearest children leaves us…
Rebecca was about to turn one year old with us, but they arrived, Maria and David, a wonderful family who have not allowed her to stay one more day here, and who have given her the opportunity of a lifetime!
We never tire of saying that if many adopters met our little ones in person, they would fall at their feet no matter what they looked like. And so it happened with them.
She, who was one of our invisible ones, knew how to conquer them from the first moment (just as she did with us). And now, she is on her way to Málaga where a thousand plans and adventures await her with her new family!
We are not going to deceive you, we have shed a few tears, but tears of absolute happiness.
The happiness that Rebecca deserves.
Be very happy little girl,
Be very happy together! ❤

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