Much more than accessories …

Much more than accessories …
Mabel was the name of one of our rescued greyhounds when she was still at our foundation.
The Mabel solidarity dog accessories brand was born by chance, like all the most beautiful things.
They are some of the Italian volunteers of Insieme per FBM Odv . One day they started creating collars for their greyhounds and then they thought “why not make colorful and original dog collars handmade and help those most in need?
And so Mabel Dog was born!
Now, they create original colorful, different, handmade, and solidarity accessories for dogs! And for each necklace sold, they donate part of the proceeds to support us, to help our greyhounds who are still looking for a home.
Every month, they send us donations collected from the sale of their products, and we cannot say enough to thank them for all the effort and support they give us.
Elisa, Alessia, Monica, you are wonderful.
An immense thank you would not be enough to thank you for everything you do for them.
Grazie di cuore ❤

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