These two beauties are Alvaro and Froilan.
Alvaro came to us a year ago and since then we have been looking for a family for him. In addition to being an adult and male, Alvaro is very afraid of people, so his adoption requires patience, an extra commitment. Froilan is in the same situation, and we also wait for the miracle to happen … This type of adoption requires greater involvement, but above all it requires a huge heart. Because the beautiful and easy thing is to adopt an animal that will come to greet you when you get home. With which you will walk without major problem, or will lie next to you every night. Adopting a dog with fear is one of the greatest acts of love, because despite the effort for months, nothing you give will be received back.
However, we can assure you that the effort will be worth it when for the first time he does not leave your side and allows you a caress, when he meets you when you get home, and especially when he looks you in the eyes for the first time without hiding his look. That look will remain forever nailed to your heart. And in that moment, right in that moment, you will feel like the luckiest person in the world …
Because nothing can compare to the look of gratitude from a being you have saved.
Adopt with the heart ❤

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