New laundry in FBM !!

It wouldn’t be fair to just say THANK YOU.
Because just saying thank you is insufficient to thank all that Langnasenhilfe FBM does for us.
They knew about the situation of our laundry with several broken washing machines, we could not wash the blankets for our little ones, and the mountain of accumulated clothes reached us almost to the ceiling …
And then they had a great idea: They would hold an auction to get the money to buy two industrial washing machines. Aunt Gisela did not stop cheering, Patrizia Lenni collaborated by donating some of her precious drawings for the auction, and hundreds of people turned to this wonderful idea to help us…
… We have no words …
You do it again and you surprise us again.
Because you are always there to help us when we need it most.
Now we have two super washers that make our lives easier, and most importantly, our furry ones too.
What would we do without you? 😊
No, it wouldn’t be fair to just say

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