Omer arrives to conquer us

Omer arrives to conquer us
He has a super adorable face, and despite his circumstances, Omer is a true love. Some girls found him in a town in Seville with apparent signs of having been run over, and they have brought him with us. He has an old fracture in the scapula, a wound from the fracture, and a ruptured right cruciate ligament, which is why our little one does not support his paw well. He is super young, nice, and very very good, and he does not know how lucky he has been to come with us (and we are lucky to have him!) We are waiting for our traumatologist to confirm us what possibilities there are with respect to your old fracture, and with respect to your knee, you will most likely need to undergo surgery …
He has had a good night so far, and seems to have integrated well with his hospital colleagues. We will need help to pay for your surgery and all of your treatment.
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