Picoleto was improving little by little, but the truth is that these days ago we have seen him again somewhat shy and distrustful … Working with this type of dog requires a lot of dedication and subtlety, because a bad gesture, or sound at the wrong time can ruin all advanced work. But Picoleto doesn’t know who he’s up against, and no one can beat us like patients and perseverance! 💪 Every day we go to see him, and in a subtle way we are seeing his interest and curiosity towards us again.
Nobody said it was easy, but we are sure we will make it!
Would you like to sponsor Picoleto and help us in his recovery?
Join our sponsorship program! Each month you will receive,
▪︎ Photographs of your godson doggy
▪︎ Information on its evolution
▪︎ If you are from Seville or surroundings, you will be able to come and meet it and visit it!
▪︎ With your contribution, you will collaborate in the recovery and in the necessary expenses that your godson dog needs.
What are you waiting for?!!

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