Rescued from certain death …

He is just a puppy about 4 months old, and his case has shaken all of us who have met him today and have known his story …
A men who practiced cycling was passing near the channel of the Guadaíra river. He began to hear a desperate cry and did not hesitate for a moment to find where that lament came from.
Luckily he managed to find it and according to what he has told us, the scene he found was heartbreaking: a beautiful puppy with a broken leg in lamentable conditions …
We do not know anything about his previous life, but today luck has been on his side, and thanks to that he has been saved from certain death.
We have called him Canal, and you cannot imagine how good he is and how well he has behaved despite everything. He has a humerus fracture, he is very malnourished and weak, but even so, his tail has not stopped moving all the time …
His skin is also very affected and vets are running tests to determine what it is.
Today we have one more reason to keep fighting
Today a new life has begun for him.
You have stolen our hearts all, ❤
Welcome home little boy ☺️
Help us get Canal back,

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