Risa litter update

They are fading … 😢
The little “Risa” that we published a few days ago did not succeed, and after many efforts to save her, she finally passed away, followed by another of her siblings who suddenly got worse 😭
Now, for these two little ones, life is hanging by a thread. A thread of hope that we hold on tightly … We find it hard to assimilate that after being rescued and having a promising future ahead of us, they are not going to get out of this … They are so small, so defenseless, so fragile …
It’s so heartbreaking to see them like this …💔
It’s not fair …
We have all our hopes pinned on them, and the rest of their siblings and other puppies.
With four more litters in the foundation, all precautions are not enough …
We need you more than ever🙏🏼
Please, collaborate with us,

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