Selba is this adorable granny who arrived at our center yesterday.

She is quite malnourished, she has the beginning of cataracts and our veterinarians also suspected a possible pyometra, so today, without delaying any further, she underwent our operating room. We are looking for an adoption for her, but above all and in the meantime, a foster family where she can be calm and help her recover as soon as possible.🙏🏼 We remind you that our WELCOMES are only possible in our province, SEVILLE, since this is where we have our center and Selba can come for her check-ups and medical controls. If you think you can host her, fill out and send us the welcome form that we leave you here.

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Our little girl has not yet regained feeling in her paw, but it is still early days and we have to give her more time.

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