Since the war began in Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainian families have been forced to leave their country, and it is admirable that many of them have not left their pets behind. ❤🐶
From the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation, we want to contribute our grain of sand and we have signed an agreement in collaboration with RED CROSS and another NGO, to help all those families who arrive with pets and they cannot stay in the reception centers.
Our function will be to draw up a list of temporary foster homes IN SEVILLE for all these animals that cannot stay in the centers with their families, and manage the fosters together with these two NGOs
If you are interested in collaborating with us, remember that:
– The FOSTER HOMES will be TEMPORARY, (but without a defined time)
– The host families must be in contact with the families that own the animals and allow them visits and walks, to make their stay as easy as possible.
All those who are interested in collaborating, send us your information and we will contact you shortly.

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