Some “simple” greyhounds …

Two eyes peek out from behind bars.
His look, of uncertainty at not understanding what is happening …
This time it’s just two greyhounds. Two greyhounds that like so many, see their owners leave without looking back.
It is our daily bread. It does not matter if it is March or any other month of the year. The galgueros keep coming to get rid of the “tools” that already don’t serve them.
And each time, they use more sophisticated techniques to avoid being discovered.
This another galga arrived with the scar from a ripped chip (nothing new to us) However, it was not a usual scar. They have stitched up the wound and we don’t even want to imagine how …
Three simple greyhounds for their former owners who have NOT lived up to expectations.
Three new lives that DO matter to us. That they join our family, and to whom we will give them back the dignity and life they deserve.

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