Our precious little podenca was operated last week for the multiple fracture in her paw. The surgery went very well, but her recovery is being very hard. She has a lot of swelling in her leg and the first days she complained a lot about pain, so we had to give hert a much stronger analgesic treatment. To reduce her inflammation, our colleagues have been giving her ice water baths accompanied by therapeutic massages and little by little, it seems that the inflammation is decreasing. What worries us the most is that we are seeing her quite down, and she has been looking very sad for a few days … We do not stop pampering her, and it seems that she is already understanding how we work and she is happy and comes closer to us as soon as she sees us to receive affection.
Teca is a beautiful and super good girl, and we will do everything possible to give her back the life and happiness she deserves. But we still have a long road to recovery and rehabilitation for this …
Teak needs you. Please collaborate with us.

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