Birgit Jung, Vanessa Siegel, Dani Bräunlich, Salvatore Roma, Ina Strunck, Sandra Duschl, Elke Szendzielorz, Renate Panibär & Sabine Hartmann, Heike Neu & Kathrin Herzig, Nina Vabic, Elli Mitzinger, Nicole Weihrauch, Elke Seger, Sabine Chadunjim, and Susanne Schramm.
All of them, collaborators of the Langnasenhilfe FBM group, have sent Christmas gifts to our furry friends! 🎄🎁
They have wanted to have this detail with the most needy dogs, either due to illness, to the oldest dogs here, or most difficult to adopt. And we have felt the love with which each of these gifts have been made each time we opened the boxes. You don’t know how happy you have made our little ones !! For that alone, we are more than grateful to each of you.
Thanks, again!!

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