The best life for Josan…

When Josan came to us a few months ago, everything seemed to be going well.

However, a short time later our veterinary team noticed that this was not the case.

Because of his symptoms we thought he had a spinal injury, so to be sure we had to do a first MRI which finally determined a spinal and meningeal lesion compatible with meningoencephalitis, without ruling out a possible lymphoma …

We did more and more tests to rule out all possible infectious diseases that were negative as a result and we put him on a treatment for his injury, however, far from improving, Josan is getting worse by the day, he is in pain, it is difficult for him to walk and he is quite apathetic…

At this point, it is time to make a second resonance because if all the previous treatment did not work, it is possibly due to this possible tumour, and if so, the resonance should show an increase of the tumour…

Josan is a wonderful, good dog, and he even had a family waiting for him, however, if the dreaded diagnosis is confirmed, Josan will not be able to travel due to his condition and in that case we would just have to wait….

And perhaps find a home for him.

So that he at least knows the warmth of home.

So that at least, if his end has to come, he will have the best quality of life…

And if his story is already sad, it saddens us even more not knowing how we are going to pay for all his treatment and tests…

On Monday she has her second MRI scan (because in her case, we can’t wait to get the money) but the first one and the rest of the treatment are still pending payment. We are in a very critical moment and for Josan alone, we need 2000€….

We can’t do any more.

But we can’t leave him to his fate….

In spite of everything, we want the best life for Josan.

Help us to save Josan🙏🏼

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