The best therapy

Astrid and Judith.
Judith and Astrid.
Two of our favorite and spoiled girls. And two of the dogs who spend the most time together and who have undoubtedly become best friends. They keep each other company and their friendship leaves us images as beautiful as these …
Today has also been a very special day for both of them. Due to their circumstances, neither of them had yet gone out into courtyards. And today, with this wonderful sunbathing that has done, we have encouraged ourselves to take them out under the sun for a while, of course together. As we watched them, and commented on how good they were, we suggested that the only thing they lacked was a “snack” to make their day perfect. No sooner said than done. One of our veterinarians prepared a delicious meal for them that they also enjoyed under the sun.
Words are unnecessary.
Without a doubt, the best of therapies …

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