The great trip of their lives!

Fridays have already become days of mixed emotions. Often times, many of these dogs spend months and even years with us. They quickly learn that this is their first home, and we are their first family. They learn the value of caresses. The smell of sweets. The time to go out to the yards. They begin to know a little happiness. And they know our steps, our voices, and before seeing you appear to their cages they are already waving their tail happily waiting for us. Bingo! We have done well! The affective bond has been created. And after months of seeing them every day, it’s time to let them go … Sometimes we selfishly wish that they would stay with us forever. Sometimes it hurts a lot to let them go, but we must accept that no matter how much love we give here, nothing compares to the warmth of a home …
To all those families who open their arms to them, Thank you. Taking care of them a lot, because we are giving you a piece of each one of us …
And to the associations that make it possible, Stichting Greyhounds In Nood Nederland, Fondation Galgos Rescue, Levriers sans frontieres once again, Thank you.
We wish them all the happiness in their new lives! ❤















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