The image of thousands of greyhounds

It arrives in the bones.
The tail bone completely out.
A muzzle mark tattooed on his snout.
Wounds on its legs.
Wounds on his torso, on his abdomen.
He is hungry.
He is cold.
And yet he is not afraid …
He approaches us timidly.
And he asks us for caresses.
Minutes of caresses asking us until when …
And after eating, he curls up in a fluffy duvet at the bottom of his cage to rest.
To rest from fatigue.
Of hungry.
From the cold.
And the abuse.
Olaf has come to us, and we are going to give back to him more that life has denied him.
You are more than welcome.
You are already loved by many of us.
And we are going to take care of you like never before.
Rest easy little one, tomorrow will be the first day of your life.
Help us to keep saving lives,
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