*The images could hurt the reader’s sensibilities – Octavio

*The images could hurt the reader’s sensibilities.

This doggy is Octavio and he came to FBM after receiving a call for help from a factory in Alcalá del Río. The workers alarmed by his state of health organized the rescue together with our colleagues from FBM. Already in our facilities we observed that Octavio had chemical abrasion wounds and that he was bleeding profusely due to a low platelet count. In addition Octavio has lost the distal part of his hind limb, he has Ehrlichia infection, anaplasma and demodectic mange. Our colleagues work hard so that Octavio survives despite his serious health condition. Octavio is a very calm dog and despite his gravity it helps to see him calm and dear. Would you like to help Octavio?

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• Adopt: https://fundacionbm.com/en/adopt/
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