We cannot call a physical condition like Pietro’s luck. But that same sad condition saved her from his miserable life. His galguero kept him like this for months, completely abandoned, and his physical deterioration was increasing. His luck was just that, that he did not go unnoticed in the eyes of Jonatan, who for weeks and weeks saw him like this and fought to obtain the transfer of his owner. At first everything was negative, but Jonatan never threw in the towel, and one fine day he succeeded. His galguero had never loved him, but perhaps in this state even less…
Jonatan knew what he had to do, and he came desperate asking us for help. We also knew what we had to do, and today Pietro is one of the family.
Not only does he arrive malnourished, exposing each of his bones, but he arrives infested with ticks all over his body…
Now our veterinarians already have him under supervision, care and pampering.
His misfortune was also his luck.
Help us to continue saving lives,

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