The sadness and tenderness that Yira awakens …

She arrived just a few days ago and her stunted leg is not what amazed us the most. This little girl who does not even reach 8 kilos is super submissive and she lowers her head every time we go to caress her … This gesture, in addition to the state of her paw, makes us suspect that Yira did not have an easy past. Her leg has atrophied due to an old ulna and radius fracture that was never treated … We do not know how long it has been like this, so we did not want to waste any more time and today our veterinarians have intervened to amputate his paw. It was the only possible solution, but we intuit that he will recover and adapt soon since Yira has not used her paw to walk for a long time … Now with our pampering and our care we will also try to begin to understand the meaning of caresses and that never again distrust a helping hand …
Dear Yira, you have lost a leg, but you have gained a life!
Welcome Home!
Help us to get Yira back,

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