Left to his own luck in a kind of makeshift dump, Quetzal appeared. It was not a coincidence, nor was it an isolated case. And we know it because right there we found corpses and skeletons and bones of other animals that were not so lucky … Thanks to Dani and Tamara who saw him and did not hesitate to help him and call us, today Quetzal is a survivor of that landfill of death. We do not know if the condition of his eye was the cause of his abandonment, but the truth is that losing an eye has saved his life. We are waiting to take him to the ophthalmologist to evaluate the condition of his eye. And today we can already see the special change in his gaze: from a gaze of fear and mistrust, to a gaze of gratitude towards those who have given him the opportunity of his life.
The best is just beginning.
Welcome home little one.
Welcome back to life.
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