Farewell time… For us, a bittersweet moment, but for all of them, it was time to be happy.
Yesterday, Friday, we said goodbye to 31 of our little ones.
Among all of them, our precious Favorita and our handsome Bongo were traveling, both long-stay patients in our hospital, already recovered. They both took with them a farewell kiss and hug, and we are now left with their memories in our heart. Favorita found her family in Italy thanks to Insieme per FBM Odv, and our Bongo will be happy in Germany thanks to Hundehilfe über Grenzen, Galgorettung Fränkisches Seenland e.V. and Ein Herz für Boxer e.V. are the other associations that have helped us this time to find families for all of them.
And we cannot forget another of our most emotional farewells, Sirena, whom we rescued from the street ourselves, met her new mom on Thursday who came as part of the All4dogs team that also found families for two of our puppies.
Without a doubt, a lot of emotions.
It’s finally time for them to be happy…

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