Time to be happy! ⏰☺

Second trip of the week and this time to Belgium and Holland.
The associations Fondation Galgos Rescue, Stichting Greyhounds In Nood Nederland and Galgos Podencos Mastins Balades asbl have made it possible for 22 of our little ones to find a home. Among them was our sweet little Pino, who arrived months ago with three of his brothers and has seen little by little how everyone has found family and he was still here … But finally his time has come, and at this moment he must be enjoying his new life 🥰
By now, everyone should already be getting to know the warmth of a home, the warmth of a good bed, the richest menu of their lives and the caresses that will accompany them until the end of their days.
Heartfelt thanks to the families who open their doors to welcome our little ones and give them the happiness they deserve.
And a thousand thanks again to the associations that make it possible.
Be very very happy !! ❤

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