It has been the last trip of this 2021. And that makes it special. But the most special thing is that on this last trip, our Sira, after a year and a half with us, was finally embarking on her way home. She greatly deserved it, but the damn leishmania made her invisible for a long time despite being affectionate, super good girl, and very special. Now she will finally spend Christmas and the rest of her life in the home that we wanted so much for her 🥰 It was just as special to say goodbye to our little Chiguato, diagnosed with terminal cancer with only 3 years of life, and despite how hard it was is to face an adoption like this, a wonderful family wanted to give him the opportunity to know the warmth of a home in his last years of life. Our sweet Robin, Indio, Rodrigo, Romeo also traveled, and so on up to a total of 25 dogs that will spend their first Christmas at home. 🎄🐶🏠
Your adoption is the best Christmas gift for us! Be very happy !!!

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Good morning!

Good morning! Is there a better way to start the day than this? His name is Rufino and he’s up for adoption

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More than happy!

More than happy! There are no happier moments than these for us. The moment when a family comes to pick up our little one to

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