Unable to say goodbye…

A few days ago we told you we were very worried about 3 of our dogs: Lauri, Nube and Alcor….

Lauri is the only one of the three that has managed to stabilise, of course she is also the only one that has not had renal failure.

Nube sadly passed away a week ago. And Alcor looks like he’s going to be next… 😔.

When we haven’t even recovered from Nube’s goodbye, it seems that we are going to have to say goodbye again because Alcor is really bad. He is not responding to treatment and we are starting to think about the possibility of letting him go without pain…😢

But…what about us, what about our pain, can a heart that is already terribly broken be broken again?

How much pain can we bear?….

We don’t even want to think about it. More than ever, we need a miracle…

We are unable to say goodbye again…💔

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