Union makes us stronger

The history of FBM began 20 years ago (which is said soon) and in these years, we have seen how great friends of ours have fought every day for the rights and welfare of animals. Many of them went one step further, and began to create a project like ours, and FBM, as “older sister”, always extended a helping hand. Day by day, we have seen small shelters grow that in a more humble way, (but not least important) have done an impeccable job. Mastines en la calle is one of our little brothers, and after years supporting them, today they are the ones who have extended a hand to us.
We were looking for a home for Cintio, one of our precious bodegueros, but as you know, some dogs are less lucky than others … And luckily, they were there. They had contacted an association that sought to adopt dogs of this breed, and they did not hesitate to offer their help to give our Cintio the opportunity. No sooner said than done. Manuela and Rafa came to pick him up, and today our little boy is happily cared for by them waiting to travel with his new family!
This is also the story of FBM. Help our dogs, and also help those who fight for the voiceless.
Dear friends, THANK YOU for this wonderful gesture, because thanks to it, one more rescued dog has found his forever happiness.
We will always be with you, looking in the same direction and always rowing together for a better world for them.
Because together, we are stronger!

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