Up there in heaven…

It seems that Nube missed Alcor.

Or maybe it was Alcor who missed Nube. But the truth is that only a week after Nube’s departure, Alcor has been reunited with her up there in heaven…

And we firmly believe that the two of them will be together. That they are watching over us from up there.

That they are waiting, as they have done so many times before, for us to join them again.

How difficult it is now to go through their cage. In which Alcor, together with his friend Nube, has so often called our attention to receive cuddles and waited like crazy for his little ball of food.

He who always, despite his illness, never stopped wagging his tail at us happily.

He, who was so full of life, was gradually dying out….

And it has been unbearably sad. But at the same time it was one of the most beautiful farewells.

He left surrounded by love. With kisses and caresses from most of the team. And accompanied by his mum Silvia until his last breath.

We have all said goodbye to him.

To our little crazy boy.

And we have all broken again into even smaller pieces.

And the pain has become unbearable.

Because it hurts so much that it suffocates.

I don’t know how much pain a heart can bear, but ours may not be able to recover any more…

Dear Alcor,

Spread your wings and meet your friend.

She waits for you,

Up there in heaven.

Rest in peace.

We love you with our souls 🖤

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