Urgencies and more emergencies…

We don’t win for scares. Yesterday, in addition to the night emergency, we had another one during the day that we had not told you about yet…

A few days ago, a new galgo had to undergo emergency surgery for a uterus infection. Everything seemed to be going well until during the surgery, our vets noticed that she had something even worse… Caliope, that’s her name, had hydronephrosis (excess of fluid in the kidney) which in turn has caused an overgrowth of the kidney and put her life in danger… Once again, our veterinary team performed the emergency surgery and managed to remove the kidney which weighed more than a kilo and a half…

Now our little girl is recovering in our hospital and her postoperative period is really complicated….

So far this week we have already had 3 emergency surgeries and an amputation….

When we tell you that we can’t go on any longer, it’s because we really CAN’T GO ON ANY MORE… 😔

Please help us to continue saving lives 🙏🏼

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