We are losing the battle …

We are losing the battle … 😔
There are only 5. The damn disease has already taken 10 of them, and there are fewer and fewer survivors. And we fear that they will lose the battle as their brothers have already lost. The medical team does not stop monitoring them, preparing delicious food to encourage them, but the truth is that we do not have much hope …
At first they only tested positive for canine coronavirus, now they are also positive for parvovirus, which is a much more aggressive and lethal virus …
We were happy to have several litters with us and to be lucky enough to see them grow. But we were not prepared for this. To watch these little ones slowly fade away. To assimilate that they will never have the happiness we imagined for them … They had a whole precious life ahead of them! 😭
The worst part has been taken by the Spring puppies, which, being smaller, have gotten sick very quickly and have fallen one after the other… Out of 9 puppies, only one has survived and is in really bad condition.
Damn virus …
We need help for your treatments, because not, we are NOT going to give up
We need help for their treatments, because not, we are NOT going to give up …
Please collaborate with us🙏🏼

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