We have named him Kayro, and leishmania is really the least of it…

Kayro has suffered the worst mistreatment: abandonment and indifference…

And for how long has he been like this, that even now he is safe, he is still curled up on himself and wants to forget the world? Hasn’t the world already forgotten him?

Little do we know about his past, but in any case, we find it hard to believe…

Because it takes a long time to get to this condition… How is it possible that no one has helped him?

He has already started the strongest treatment for leishmania and has already made an appointment with the specialist to assess the damage to his eyes…

But his physical injuries are the least of our concern.

Kayro’s soul is broken,

And it’s not for nothing…💔

Help us to get Kayro back 🙏🏼

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• Paypal: info@fundacionbm.com

• For Only €1 PER MONTH: https://www.teaming.net/fundacionbenjaminmehnert?lang=en_UK

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