What the is going on?!!!

We are really angry…

We are more than used to the usual abandonment of galgueros.

But to the abandonment of animals by families who previously adopted them, signed a contract and committed themselves to take care of the animal until the end of its days, NO.

Again, yesterday, one of our dogs was brought back to us after 3 years of adoption.

3 years…

She has spent her first night back in a cold cage. Without her bed, without love, without her family….

We have seen her shivering and heard her crying.

It’s not fair.

And you have no excuse.

Don’t want to delude yourselves that you can’t. Whoever wants to can.

Whoever wants to can.

And it is clear that you have not loved Ficha.

Nor has she ever been part of the family in these three years.

You don’t abandon the family.

And you have abandoned her…

To all of you who give animals back: You have no shame….


Luckily, due to her urgency, we have immediately communicated her case to all our partner associations and one of them has already found a family for her.

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