White winged warrior … 💔

Yesterday was a gray day, and paradoxically it broke to rain when you left us.
Our veterinarians, like every day, healed your wounds and everything seemed normal.
Nothing foreshadowed the fateful denouement that would occur later …
Hours later, and suddenly her wound began to bleed, leading to severe hemorrhage. Astrid urgently needed a blood transfusion. The entire veterinary team was with her. Everyone. Four veterinarians and three assistants. Seven people fighting for her life.
But her heart had decided to rest. And after 5 long months of struggle, Astrid definitively closed her precious eyes to march to a better world …
Silence now runs through the corridors of the foundation.
Tears run down our cheeks.
There is nothing to comfort us.
We are not able to compose ourselves,
We are not able to rebuild a soul broken into a thousand pieces …
Because nothing will change the fact that we will never see you again …
We put all our hopes in you, we gave you the best of each one of us. We dream again and again of the future you deserve, and of seeing your three little legs run around …
We would give anything to caress you one last little time …
For kissing you,
And for seeing the most beautiful eyes in the world again.
But Astrid was always a warrior.
And no, she has not lost the battle,
Rather, she has won the most important battle of all.
She has managed to touch each of our hearts.
She has taught us never to give up despite difficulties.
She has taught us to understand through a look.
Astrid had that mission in her life, and she has more than accomplished it.
She has been without a doubt, the spoiled child of our hospital.
She now she is the star that shines the brightest in the sky,
And an indelible mark on our hearts.
Astrid has hung the warrior shield from her, but we have given her the largest wings so that she can fly as high as possible,
To fly free.
Thank you for everything you have taught us, little one.
We are going to miss you tremendously.
Everyone’s favorite warrior
Warrior with beautiful eyes,
Warrior of infinite beauty,
Tireless fighting warrior.
My favorite warrior,
My white winged warrior
You will always be eternal … 💔
Rest in peace, Astrid.
(The Benjamin Mehnert Foundation team asks for the utmost respect in these hard times, and we ask you to please avoid offensive comments that only add more pain to the pain that we are already suffering.
Thank you all for the unconditional support of our little warrior)

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