Would you give me an opportunity?

Hi! My name is Neko. I am a puppy of about 6 months, and yesterday I arrived at the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation. This place is cool to me, but my colleagues have already been telling me that there is an even cooler place that is called home. The legend says that there somebody will feed me a very rich menu, that they will give me toys and I will sleep the rest of my days on a comfortable bed, or better yet, a nap on a large sofa and in company! They say that those who take me home will become my parents and love me very much, although perhaps not as much as I will love them! I am a puppy, and as usuall, something naughty. I need time and patience, but in return, I promise you that I will look at you with these little eyes of love and I will happily wag my tail every time I see you coming home. That I will warm your side of the sofa on colder days and teach you to be happy just by lying on the cool grass in the summer. And that I will never, never abandon you.
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