Do you remember our precious little hound with her atrophied paw? It’s been several days since she went through surgery and everything went very well! She is almost completely recovered and she will finish doing it with her new family, since she travels this Friday to meet them 😊 Yira is a very good dog, and very submissive. She bends her little head and lies on her back when we go to caress her. We do not know what she has experienced in her previous life, but from her behavior we can imagine …
It’s the end of that little life, sweetie. On Saturday you will fall into the arms of a family that will give you all the love in the world and you will understand that there are hands that do not hurt, but that heal. They will heal your heart and you will be as happy as you deserve!

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When there is love

When there is love, there is solidarity. When there is love, there is enormous empathy When there is love, there is a helping hand. When

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