This is what Colossus looks like now. Although the physical appearance does not seem good as he has hardly any hair, the truth is that he is evolving very well. His skin is beginning to heal and regenerate. His paws, as you can see, are also healing very well, and there is hardly any swelling. But, do you know what is the best of all? The change in his behaviour. When we arrived we found him in his cage,we gave him some pampering and we started taking pictures. Later, we went to pamper some of his friends, and without thinking about it, he came to us and placed himself as one more in our sight because he well knew that there within our reach, he was going to receive even more pampering. And he has not separated from us anymore…We knew that as soon as he discovered love, he would not want anything else🥰
And well what do you do small, you do not deserve less!
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