And the miracle was done!

Sweet Judith already stands up and walks !!!
Although we had already seen her stand up, the truth is that she still did not walk so much … The therapy of the other day took effect and Judith not only got up, but she was walking for a while under the sun and always around her friend!! As you know Judith arrived with a fracture in her vertebraes and her prognosis was not good … But the care and pampering employed on her have had a good effect !!! We cannot be more happy and proud of the work we do! Judith still needs a lot of rehabilitation, but this … this only pushes us to continue fighting for her, for Astrid and for all those who need to regain the dignified life that one day was taken from them. We hope you enjoy and get as excited as we are seeing these photos …
Judith is a real champion! 😊
Would you like to collaborate with Judith’s recovery and rehabilitation process?

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