Our little man has already been operated on and everything has gone very well!
The first few days he has had some swelling in his little leg, but little by little he is improving and he is getting better and better. The little man is the joy of our hospital. He is cheerful and affectionate, wags his tail nonstop when he sees us, and loves to be pampered! He is also a smart boy, and has already learned like the others, when it is time for sweets, and who comes with them! 😉
There is no one who can resist that little face with those little eyes, and that tiny little body capable of touching the toughest heart!
At the moment, he is super good and calm, although we assume that his tranquility is due to the injury of his paw. We do not know if after that face of never having broken a plate, he would take out the imp inside him when he is fully recovered …
Can you help us with the costs of Canal surgery and recovery?

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