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Last Thursday we received a call from a galguero who had decided to retire, and he was bringing us his 5 greyhounds. We welcomed them without hesitation, and today these 5 beauties are already part of our family. Their former owner told us that they are brothers, so we have placed them together in a cage, so that they continue to stay together.
This morning we have been with them and they are already much more relaxed. One of the females is a little bit crazy, and is super playful. The other female however, is quite calm and lazy. One of the males is especially affectionate and adorable. And the other two brothers, they are a bit more shy, but they haven’t resisted coming up and getting some pampering.
They start a new life, and what they don’t know is that what awaits them is even better.
Goodbye past life. Hello new life!
Welcome to your new home, here we will take good care of you 😊
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