Kotita is the dog that has been with us the longest. Mix of some kind of shepherd breed with greyhound, pure beauty. She arrived rescued from the street along with her two sisters and her mother, all already adopted. Why Kotita is still with us is simple: She is terrified of people.
We will not deny it, Kotita is not an easy dog. Adopting Kotita is quite an adventure. She will not want you to approach her, she will not allow you to caress her for a while, she is not get used to walking on a leash … Kotita is not just any challenge, it is, THE CHALLENGE. But at Fbm we believe in miracles, because we know they exist.
We seek an adoption for her with more commitment and patience than ever. That never give up. May they be able to see beyond her fear, and see the wonderful dog that she will become. The satisfaction of restoring their trust in us, we assure you that it is priceless …
We want to give her back everything she was denied, she deserve it.
Willing to rise to the challenge and give Kotita a try?
Let’s help her find family, please


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