She arrived just a few days ago and despite the fact that his health was not the best, what most caught our attention is her extreme sadness. Her eyes are seriously affected, and our ophthalmologist has already given us a diagnosis: She has a perforation in the iris and severe intraocular hemorrhage in her right eye, so he has to be enucleated. Her left eye retains vision but he has severe uveitis (eye inflammation) that is already being treated. At a general level, her analytics show a great alteration of calcium and we are already carrying out more tests to determine the cause. The truth is that Favorita is down and sad, very sad. And she spends her days curled up in herself sleeping in isolation without hardly getting up. She hardly reacts to caresses and cuddles. And how sad it is to see her like this …
Favorita needs all possible help. Please, collaborate with us,
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