Between the first and the second photo two weeks have passed.
In the first photo, a large family of 11 members.
In the second, there are only 5 left …
Days ago our veterinarians observed that they were not very well, and the disease test confirmed the worst: Positive for parvovirus (one of the most lethal viruses for puppies) They were isolated trying not to expose them to more risks. They have been monitored at all times, they have been helped with fluid therapy and they have been treated with all the love and rigorous care by our team of veterinarians who have fought tirelessly to save them … But even after all the effort, some of them have not been able to overcome it … First one, then the second arrived, the third … up to 6 puppies have already lost the battle, and another of them is very serious … 😢
We are devastated … because that was not the life we ​​imagined for them when we went to rescue them from the streets …
How unfair.
And how much sadness
The parvo is winning us the battle …
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